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    1. Contacts

      Overseas E-mailwhcc.sh@163.com

      Overseas Tel:13262508383

      Add:Sanshan District, Wuhu City, Anhui province



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      Wuhu Crane & Conveyor Co. Ltd.( formerly Wuhu Crane & Conveyor Factory ), founded in 1956, is the former State Ministry of Machinery Industry sentinel production of bulk material handling machinery and lifting equipment of professional manufacturers, with nearly Sixty years of history, over the years from small to large and from weak to strong, has specialized in the development of bulk materials handling business, to provide equipment for our basic industries aspect has made a positive contribution. The company's main products are bucket elevator, screw conveyor, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, apron feeder, single and double girder overhead cranes and other six categories, 24 series, more than 150 kinds of specifications. "Qiwei" brand products in the market have a higher visibility and competitiveness.
      June 2005 in the city under two levels of government, district leading for enterprise restructuring, the restructuring of private joint-stock enterprises, the establishment of a sound corporate governance structure and the modern enterprise system, the company's development has opened a new page. 2006 Company in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government "exit into the garden", in Sanshan Economic Development Zone, 120 acres of land officer Helu, the new four standard factory buildings, a three-storey office building, a five-story complex on a total construction an area of 90,000 square meters. The company employees 200 people, with college or professional and technical staff of 70 people, including senior titles more than 10 people, intermediate titles more than 20 people. Main products: belt conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors, apron feeder, steel cord belt bucket elevator, plate chain bucket elevator, belt bucket elevator, L: within 100t single beam (or double girder) bridge crane, J: within 50t gantry crane and grab. Through continuous improvement of product quality, master core technologies, has more than 30 various types of patents, in 2009 the company was identified as high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province, the company's technology center was identified "Anhui provincial technology research center", while company body, and Anhui Polytechnic University jointly established Anhui transport mechanical engineering technology research center, the company has presided over the drafting of the JB / T7679-2008 "screw conveyor" and JB / T3926-2014 "heavy straight bucket elevator", participated in the drafting the JB / T3666-2015 "Drop disc feeder" three industry standards.
      In 2004 the company "TDS series of steel cord belt bucket elevator" product won the China Machinery Industry Federation, "the machinery industry outstanding contributions to scientific and technological progress prize", in 2006 the company achieved the quality management system certification, since 2007, "Qiwei "license plate chain bucket elevator and other four products won the" brand-name products in Anhui Province, "the honorary title, since 2009, the company" TDS series of wire tape bucket elevator "," DTⅡA conveyor "and other products have been identified 5 to "high-tech products in Anhui Province", "NES1000 board chain bucket elevator" and other four products through the "Anhui Science and Technology research results", in 2010 in Anhui Province demonstration research joint enterprise certificate, in 2012 the company through the "Environmental Management system "," occupational health management system "," Quality Management System "triple certification. In 2014 the company through "safety standardization Level 3" certification. August 14, 2014 the company formally the National SME share transfer system (commonly known as the "new three board"). Securities Name: Wuhu from shares, stock code: 831 042, in 2015 the company won the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province "Anhui innovative pilot enterprises," the honorary title, in 2015 the company was listed as "Little Giant incubation program," Wuhu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of enterprises. The company listed three new board, to further improve the corporate governance norms and corporate image, more conducive to market development, bringing together talents, for the company "a first-class brand, built a hundred years from Wuhu," the vision laid a solid foundation.

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